Meet the 34 year old up and coming artist from Detroit Michigan, Rich Rhoades, also known as RichGothitz

Rich Rhoades’ interest in music started back when he was 7 or 8 years old. He would spend time with his father who was a prominent figure in the Detroit and LA music scene, as a talented Jazz musician. It was because of his father that Rich Rhoades wanted to start creating music.

His musical style is a cross between R&B and gangsta rap music. His most successful track is his song titled, “Driveway” it attained 3 million play on SoundCloud. He is particularly proud of his track called, “Bout That Shit” with artist, “Tone Tone” out on all platforms.

Rich Rhoades isn’t inspired by anyone in particular, but he does draw influence from all of the great artists that have come before him. He has worked with an extensive list of other artists including, Orlando Brown, Brian Pumper, Marcus Black, and many more.

Instagram: richgothitz